Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes while you excitedly wait for your images?  Well, lots…  The amount of editing required for an image depends on several variables including the photographer’s skills in getting the right exposure, etc.  However, it goes beyond that with newborn images.  We would like to think that babies are born with perfect creamy skin, which would make our job a lot easier.  However in reality, they aren’t.  Most babies are born with red blotchy skin, baby acne, flakes, jaundice, etc.  These are things most parents don’t necessarily want on their newborn images that they plan to keep for generations.  How much to edit is subjective and left in the hands/eyes of the photographer’s artistic vision.  At a minimum, we try to remove things that shouldn’t be there without making your baby look like a China Doll.  The newborn in the following image was gorgeous, so I didn’t have to do much.  But you can still see how professional editing makes a difference in the final image.  So now you know that every single image you receive from Ally Bryce Photography is personally edited and created with love.

Before and After

I’m so embarrassed that I’m posting Easter pictures in June…end of June.  But I can’t control LIFE and LIFE happened (over and over again).  Although late, I couldn’t pass up sharing my little muse’s Easter fun in our backyard.

Meet Charlotte!  Her mother and I played email tags since last Winter.  I was thrilled to hear back from her again and to finally meet her gorgeous family.  Especially lil’ Miss Charlotte with so much personality.  I absolutely love the look and feel of the images from her session.  Here are some of my favorites.

I had so much fun with Lily and her cool parents at her milestone/mini-family session. We didn’t know if we were going to make the photo shoot due to the weather, but we beat the thunderstorm by 30 minutes! But who cares about the weather when you have this gorgeous baby girl smiling at you… and her baby rolls. Delicious!


Our website/blog is finally up (almost at 100%)!  Whoop-Whoop!!  A big thanks to Andrea at That’s Kinda Cool for her talent and patience.  If you are in the market for a blog, you should definitely check her templates out.

I originally wanted to call the blog – “blah-g” because 1. I have a habit of finishing a long conversation with “blah blah blah”, 2. I’m terrible at writing of any kind, and 3. because I wanted it to be a place where I can share more than just my journey as a photog.  But in the end, I was out voted so here we are with “blog”.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy the posts and keep coming back to check on my progress as I grow as a person, a mom and a photographer.